Ang Ku Kueh Traditional Baby Shower Set

Traditional Baby Shower Set

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Woo your guests with traditional delicacies during your baby shower, full month or 100-day celebration! Dig into old-time favourites like a pot of succulent Pig's Trotters
and classic Ang Ku Kueh which are essential during this special event. This set will leave you and your loved ones wanting more! 
  • Pig's Trotter with Ginger and Egg 猪脚与姜和蛋
  • Slow Baked Parchment Paper Herbal Kampong Chicken (Whole) 药材甘榜鸡
  • Wok-fried Spinach Noodle with Egg 菠菜面与蒜,蛋
  • Collagen Peach Resin Snow Fungus 桃胶胶原蛋白与雪耳甜品
  • Ang Ku Kueh (Round or Pointed) 红龟糕 (圆或尖)
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