Your Recovery, Our Priority

At Chilli Padi Confinement Catering, our mission is to help new mothers transition into postpartum comfortably by delivering delicious quality home-style food that restores mother's hormonal balance and increases the production of quality breast milk.

From day one, our goal has been to provide postpartum care for new mothers and to spread the benefits of eating super foods during the crucial post-partum confinement period. 

We understand the kind of nourishment new mothers require after delivering to their new-born and we pride ourselves in having the expertise of preparing tasty & healthy confinement meals.

Our Assurance, Your Convenience

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Meals Conscientiously Crafted for Your Recovery

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♥ The Preferred Confinement Caterer ♥

Chilli Padi Confinement Calisa Kang @calista_evangelista


"Thankful to have @chillipadiconfinement confinement food for another 28days after my Nanny left me.
Not having to plan for my own lunch/dinner allows me to have more rest and focus more on my kids 😍
Most importantly these prep meals are essential for my recovery 😉"

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Chilli Padi Confinement Chan Clara @chanclaraa


"Love that @chillipadiconfinement takes such great pride in ensuring their customers eat warm, delicious and nutritious food. I miss having such privilege of having my meals delivered right to my doorstep every single day already. 😂 Thank you once again, @chillipadiconfinement!"

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Chilli Padi Confinement Eve @evaahh


"Love that it comes in thermal containers to keep the food warm and that they are always on time. My ultimate fav has to be the Salmon fish, red rice wine chicken and ginger chicken. (Salivating while typing it actually)."

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