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At Chilli Padi Confinement Catering, our mission is to help new mothers transition into postpartum comfortably by delivering delicious quality home-style food that restores mother's hormonal balance and increases the production of quality breast milk.

From day one, our goal has been to provide postpartum care for new mothers and to spread the benefits of eating super foods during the crucial post-partum confinement period. 

We understand the kind of nourishment new mothers require after delivering to their new-born and we pride ourselves in having the expertise of preparing tasty & healthy confinement meals.

Our Assurance, Your Convenience

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Meals Conscientiously Crafted for Your Recovery

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♥ The Preferred Confinement Caterer ♥


“Sorely missing my confinement food from @chillipadiconfinement. I expected the dishes to taste similar-- ginger, vinegar etc but they were surprisingly different! I had a different soup each meal and 2-3 dishes with rice/noodles. And longan tea with red dates! All of which arrived piping hot in thermal containers!

Catered confinement food was a definite need for me because it took away the stress of planning meals and having to go out (during CB) to buy ingredients. I'd recommend mamas-to-be to try their trial meal (only $30!) so you know their standard. I tried and decided on them immediately. ♥️”

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“Having freshly cooked confinement meals delivered to me daily is one of the best things during my confinement. It saved us so much hassle of shopping for groceries + cooking & washing.

I’m glad I had these hot meals catered to me by @chillipadiconfinement! I love how they are nutritious & great for postpartum care, but are also environmental-friendly because they come in these thermal containers to keep the food warm & there is no waste of plastic like regular takeouts!

I’ll miss the convenience of daily catered meals & all these yummy dishes by @chillipadiconfinement.”

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“Missing my confinement meals from @chillipadiconfinement. Convenient & Nutritious which helps to optimise post-natal recovery.

Each meal will come with 2 dishes, 1 Soup, 1 rice/noodle & 1 Red date drink. All the food is kept in thermal containers to ensure food is always served hot.

Will definitely choose them again when I’m having my #3. ✨🤣”

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