Dishes For Confinement Mothers

Pig's Trotter with Ginger, Vinegar and Egg 猪脚醋
Pig trotters are often consumed during confinement as they are rich in collagen. When combined with vinegar, pig trotters can help to alleviate joint pain, improve skin conditions and have a warming effect on the body. 


Milk Boosting Fish and Papaya Soup 木瓜鱼汤
Papaya fish soup is a traditional dish highly recommended for confinement mothers. The combination of papaya and fish helps to enhance the healing process, support lactation and improve digestion.

木瓜鱼汤是一道非常适合产后妈妈的传统菜肴。木瓜鱼汤有助于愈合过程、促进催 乳以及促进消化。

HK Style Steam Golden Snapper in Superior Soya Sauce 港式蒸鱼片
During this important month-long confinement period, it is vital to eat well to regain your strength. Fish helps mend worn-out cells and prevents the degeneration of muscle mass.

在这个重要的为期一个月的分娩期间,至关重要的是要吃得饱以恢复体力。 鱼有助于修复破损的细胞,并防止肌肉质量下降。

Mind Boosting Walnut Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup 黑豆核桃排骨汤
Black Bean Pork Ribs, it is often regarded as a healthy and tasty tonic for the body, and it contains high nutritional values.


Baked Herbal Chicken 烤药材鸡
By using Herbal, it will help to boost energy, aid in stomach discomfort and regulate blood.


Lemongrass Chicken Soup 除风香茅鸡汤
Lemongrass is a herb that contains vitamins, mineral, electrolytes, and other chemicals that acts as antioxidants are abundant in all parts of lemongrass.


Grilled Salmon With Apple Mirin Sauce 烤三文鱼与萍果味醂
This dish is carbohydrate free and a good source of protein. Salmon provides all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein like other animal products such as poultry and milk.

这道菜不含碳水化合物,是蛋白质的良好来源。 三文鱼提供所有必需氨基酸,使其像家禽和牛奶等其他动物产品一样,是蛋白质的完整来源。

Nourishing and Beautifying Black Chicken Soup 人参黑鸡汤
Ginseng black chicken is a popular soup in Chinese cuisine and traditional medicine. It helps to boost energy, strengthen your immune system, regulate blood sugar and support heart health.

人参鸡是中餐和传统医学中最受欢迎的汤之一。 它有助于增强能量,增强免疫系统,调节血糖并支持心脏健康。
Hakka Yellow Wine Chicken with Black Fungus 客家黄酒鸡
This traditional dish is a favourite among Hakkas and Cantonese. Yellow wine chicken helps to improve blood circulation, keep the body warm, and speed up the recovery process.

客家黄酒鸡是一道深受客家人和广东人的喜爱的菜肴。黄酒鸡能促进血液循环、驱寒祛 风以及帮助身体快速恢复。