Why we use Kühlbarra Barramundi in our dishes

Since October 2019, Chilli Padi Confinement has been using Kühlbarra’s Barramundi for our confinement food!

Kühlbarra is certified with the Highest Rating of 4 Stars by Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP).

BAP is a seafood-specific accreditation that is only conferred to producers who follow optimal practices to deliver farmed seafood safely and responsibly. The BAP evaluates four key areas of sustainability —environmental, social, food safety, and animal health & welfare— at each step of the aquaculture production chain.

Kühlbarra is 1 of 5 farms in the world, and the only farm in Singapore with this 4-star rating.

Why we use Kühlbarra Barramundi in our dishes

Kühlbarra farm their barramundi in pristine ocean waters located on the south side of Singapore. The fish are bred in spacious pens offering sufficient frolicking space and where tides bring in oxygen-rich waters while effectively dispersing waste. The water environment is rigorously monitored at 10-minute intervals. There are also dedicated divers checking on the health of the fish and pen conditions daily.

Kühlbarra’s barramundi is rigorously tested by Singapore Food Agency (formerly Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority), according to standards even more stringent than the European Union Standards for Food Safety.

Furthermore, Kühlbarra’s Barramundi is only fed with a specially formulated feed of 70% plant-based proteins, free of antibiotics & hormones, and tested safe from mercury.

Kühlbarra’s Barramundi complements our confinement meals as its flesh is sweet and has a refreshing taste. Most of all, Barramundi has been tested to be higher in Omega-3 & Omega-6 as compared to most other edible fish species.

This greatly benefits postnatal mothers whose bodies’ own store of nutrients have been depleted due to breast-feeding.

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