@16.75cnt (Hazel Low)

"Thank you @chillipadiconfinement for the delicious confinement food the past 28 days! It feels great waking up to lunch and dinner without having to worry about what to eat and most importantly, it smells real good and taste just like home cook, not your mix veg-rice stall !

🍴For those who’re like me, who like to eat their food when it’s warm & doesn’t like to microwave, the meals are kept warm in thermos even for the red date drink which I’m Super thankful for!
🍴Super generous with their portion can easily feed 1.5 pax, so sometimes I share them with Alan 💏
🍴Superb service !! There’re just too many food I don’t eat that I made changes to 95% of the dishes - From excluding some ingredients to even changing the entire dish and yes they comply to all of them!
🍴 Deliver twice a day to keep food fresh
🍴 Of course they’re nutritious, which helps to optimise post natal recovery

Mom-to-be who can’t decide if you wanna hire a confinement nanny just confinement catering, here are some of the reason why I chose confinement catering. All the changes in preference are made before I gave birth ( one off thing ) and they’re a fraction of the price - I would say half the price if you include buying groceries etc if I were to hire a nanny. And I prefer taking care of the little one myself, so I can understand him better. Especially if you intend to breastfeed, even if your nanny help doing the night duties, you have to wake up anyway to pump/feed to maintain supply. So yup! I hope my post helps some of you out there 🤗
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