Terms and Conditions


  • Meals will be served in thermal containers (Food dishes) & thermal flask (Soups & Longan Teas) except for the very last meal of the package and trial meals where meals will be served in Microwavable containers.
  • 3 x thermal containers & 2 x thermal flask will be on loan to customers:
    • For daily exchange during the service fulfilment period
    • Customers will be responsible for the cleanliness and overall condition of the items loaned.
    • Charges will be levied in the event of lost and/or damaged of the loaned items.
  • Delivery time range between:
    • Lunch: 10.00AM to 1.00PM
    • Dinner: 4.00PM to 7.00PM
      *Customer accepts that meal deliveries may be delayed due to traffic conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances.
  • There are no meal deliveries for:
    • Christmas Day
    • New Year’s Eve
    • 1st and 2nd Day of Chinese New Year
      *The meals will be replaced, customers would still receive the full amount of Days/Meals they have paid for.
  • We deliver islandwide (strictly to residential address only regardless trial meal or package meal) throughout Singapore, for delivery to Sentosa additional $20 per trip. with the exception of Tuas.
  • For change of delivery address on weekdays, customers have to inform us at least 1 working day in advance, before 2:00PM. For change of delivery address on weekends and PH, customers have to inform us at least 2 working day in advance, before 2:00PM.
  • All meals are freshly cooked on a daily basis and are to be consumed within the time indicated on the meal delivery bag.
  • Menu may vary without prior notice due to unforeseen seasonal nature and market fluctuations on the ingredients.
  • The order reservation is only valid up to 8 weeks after the E.D.D provided. After which, it will be cancelled and no refunds will be made. Reinstatement will not be possible.
  • Service Upgrade:
    • Customers may upgrade their package by informing us 3 working days in advance by 2:00PM, before the last day of the package.
    • Customers would have top-up the difference in package price and payment can only be done via Cash or Bank Transfer.
  • The Management shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that may result from the use of Chilli Padi Confinement’s services.
  • The Management reserves the right to amend the menu, prices, and the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Commencement of Meal deliveries and postponement

  • Customer may call us at 6914 9900, email us (confinement@chillipadi.com.sg) or chat in with us on Messenger.
  • Commencing Meal deliveries:
    • Customers would have to inform us 1 working day in advance before 2:00PM (for delivery on weekdays) or 2 working days in advance before 2:00PM (for delivery on weekends and PH) for the commencement of your confinement delivery.
  • Meal postponement:
    • Customers would have to inform us 1 working day in advance before 2:00PM (for delivery on weekdays) or 2 working days in advance before 2:00PM (for delivery on weekends and PH). The meal will be replaced (please note that we only allow maximum 3 postpone dates).
    • In the event that the meal has to be cancelled without sufficient notice provided, there will be no meal replacements and refunds.


Cancellation & Refunds 

  • Customers would have to inform us latest by 2:00PM of the day before the intended cancellation date. There is strictly no refund of purchased package. 
  • Once cancelled the package cannot be reinstated.
  • Refunds:
    • There would be strictly no refunds for package purchased